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High cpu

Thu Oct 01, 2015 7:02 pm

Hello guys and girls,

We have a CCR 1036 8g 2s+
-We have three bgp sessions and a single ospf.
-1 masquerade
-no firewall rule

-We run about 2.5g through it
-Has ten simple queues

this is where my disappointment starts.
The queues range from 100mbps to 850mbps and when they hit full, the cpu hits 65% with lows of 45%
If we add anything to the the dst, CPU hits 100% with lows of 85%
It's a very specific router and we want clients to be able to access let's say only, hence the dst address on the queue.

Is there possibly another way to achieve the same by doing something differently?

If ten queue is taking the cpu so high, that means I can't be adding more queues

Any suggestions would be helpful. We have stuck to using 6.28 because it's been stable so far....
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Re: High cpu

Thu Oct 01, 2015 11:46 pm

You can try to generalise your rules and use address lists, aside from that you can also have many rules that are not related. If you put your traffic into different catogaries and handle them all seperately it could help.

If you can combine rules that'd be even better.

Im not sure how you can improve bgp and ospf performance though.

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