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??? hotspot - add login-timeout setting to force login for unauth hosts ??? Using Winbox !!!

Tue Oct 27, 2015 3:09 pm

RouterOS v6.33rc33
How do hotspot - add login-timeout setting to force login for unauth hosts
I do not want to use the user-manager :?

What's new in 6.33rc33 (2015-Oct-26 11:50):

*) userman - fix report generation problem which could result in some users being skipped from it;
*) winbox - fix to allow cpu-port as mirror-target
*) proxy - error.html parsing enhancement to improve performance ???
*) CCR1072 - improve ether1 performance under heavy load
*) routerboard - indicate RouterBOOT type in /system routerboard print
*) mpls - properly use mpls mtu for routes
*) cerm - fix key decription for signed certificates
*) trafflow - report flow addresses in v1 and v5 without NAT awerness
*) dhcpv6 - small fixes for dhcp-pd client and ippool6
*) hotspot - add mac-auth-mode setting for mac-as-passwd option; ???
*) hotspot - add login-timeout setting to force login for unauth hosts; ???
*) auto-upgrade - fixed auto upgrade for smipsbe;
*) dns - do not create duplicate entries for same dynamic dns server addresses;
*) ipsec - fix set on multiple policies which could result in adding non existent dynamic policies to the list;
*) email - allow server to be specified as fqdn which is resolved on each send;
*) fastpath - eoip,gre,ipip tunnels support fastpath (new per tunnel setting "allow-fast-path");
*) ppp, pptp, l2tp, pppoe - fix ppp compression related crashes;
*) certificate - also accept downloaded CRLs in PEM format;
*) userman - added 'history clear' to allow flushing undo history, which may take up significant amount of memory for huge databases whith hundreds of users;
*) userman - refresh active user/session view when opened;
*) health - fix voltage for CRS109, CRS112 and CRS210 if powered from external adapter
*) userman - added phone number support to signup form;
*) ip pool6 - try to acquire the same prefix if info matches recently freed;
*) ipsec - fix transport mode ph2 ID ports when policy selects specific ip protocol on initiator;
*) ipsec - use local-address for phase 1 matching and initiation;
*) route - fixed crash on removing route that was aggregated;
*) ipsec - fix replay window, was accidently disabled since version 6.30;
*) ssh - allow host key import/export;
*) ssh - use 2048bit RSA host key when strong-crypto enabled;
*) ssh - support RSA keys for user authentication;
*) wireless - improved WMM-PowerSave support in wireless-cm2 package;
*) pptp & l2tp - fixed problem where android client could not connect if both dns names were not provided (was broken since v6.30);
*) auto upgrade - added ability to select which versions to select when upgrading;
*) quickset - fixed HomeAP mode;
*) lte - improved modem identification to better support multiple identical modems;
*) snmp - fix system scripts table;
*) tunnels - eoip,eoipv6,gre,gre6,ipip,ipipv6,6to4 tunnels now support dns name as remote address;
*) fastpath - active macwinbox or mactelnet session no longer suspends fastpath;
*) fastpath - added per interface fastpath counters;
*) fastpath - added trafflow support in basic ipv4 and fasttrack ipv4 fastpaths;
*) ppp - added on-up & on-down scripts to ppp profile;
*) winbox - allow to specify dns name in all the tunnels;
*) pppoe - added support for MTU > 1492 on PPPoE;
*) email - allow server to be specified as fqdn which is resolved on each send;
*) cerm - fix scep server certificate-reply degenerate PKCS#7 signed-data content;
*) ppp-client - added default channels for Alcatel OneTouch L100V;
*) email - allow server to be specified as fqdn which is resolved on each send;
*) defconf - fix for boards that had bridge with only wlan ports;
*) ovpn: support OpenWRT ovpn clients (or any other with enable-small option enabled);
*) cerm - use certificate file name for imported cert name;
*) fetch - fixed error message when error code 200 was received;
*) cerm - rebuild crl for local ca if crl file does not exist;
*) winbox - make directed broadcasts work for neighbor discovery;
*) upnp: automatically adjust mappings to new external ip change;
*) ppp - added ppp interface to upnp internals/externals if requested;
*) ppp - when adding ipv6 default route use user provided distance;
*) userman - allow to correctly enable CoA on router;
*) cerm - also accept downloaded CRLs in PEM format;
*) cerm - show crl nextupdate time;
*) ppp - added CoA support to PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP (Mikrotik-Recv-Limit, Mikrotik-Xmit-Limit, Mikrotik-Rate-Limit, Ascend-Data-Rate, Ascend-XMit-Rate, Session-Timeout);
*) ppp - added new option under "ppp aaa" - "use-circuit-id-in-nas-port-id";
*) userman - refresh active sessions/users view dynamically;
*) package - added version tag and show everywhere alongside of version number;
*) wlan - improved 802.11 protocol single connection TCP performance for ac chipset with cm2 package.
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Re: ??? hotspot - add login-timeout setting to force login for unauth hosts ??? Using Winbox !!!

Sat Sep 10, 2016 1:52 pm

Also interested to know how login-timeout is working ?
There is no documentation about this option at all ?!

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