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Program Lag

Fri Aug 11, 2006 1:08 am


We are new to the mikrotik products. We just received two brand new RIC-522 units and 3 brand new RB-5EX units. We are experiencing weird lag or somekind of delay when using the winbox client with the RIC-522 units. As an example of our problem: when we pop up the telnet client the telnet box does not work properly and will not except keyboard responses. To get the telnet box working we must open another window within winbox; for example if we click on the bridge button to bring up the bridge interface. If we add a bridge then the telnet box starts to work but now the bridge box is now broken and wont work unless we open another window within winbox. We have tried with 3 different PC computers. We have tried direct connect with a cross cable and through a switch. Both RIC-522 units have the same behaviour.

All 3 of our PC computers can hook to the RB-5EX units with no problem and no lag. Does anyone know WTF?

Dan Pattison

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