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Configure Mikrotik HEX with a Gateprotect GPO-150

Wed Nov 04, 2015 5:01 pm

I have this small office network in wich I used a HEX Lite with ETH1 dialing a PPPoE connection, port 2 - 3 - 4 in a bridge and giving IPs via DHCP, basic firewall rules.

ISP >>> ADSL modem in PPPoE bridge >> Mikrotik HEX with PPPoE dialing > Switch > computers

Now the company received a Gateprotect GPO-150 pre-configured firewall\router\vpn with instructions to connect Internet to port eth1 with a specified class C IP ( and LAN to eth2 of the Gateprotect with (, I guess it is set to give out DHCP.

Will assigning to eth2 on the hex router and connect it to eth1 of the GPO-150 work? I guess then, the LAN clients will have the GPO-150 as the default gateway, the GPO-150 will have DNS and gateway from the Hex, or should I remove the Mikrotik and reconfigure the GPO-150 to dial out the PPPoE connection?

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