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PPTP Server - client to site - is this config ok?

Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:32 pm

So I set up my PPTP Server in order to be able to connect with my laptop to my client's site when I need to be on the same subnet and do\check some servers\printers there.

I used this tutorial here, and gave a remote IP in the PPTP profile page within my local subnet. ... ote_Client

My question is this:
I have DHCP server setup to give IPs from a pool -, so basically all available range is DHCP-able.
I set up a remote IP in the PPTP profile of - Is this ok? Will I have IP conflicts\problems in the future or should I just change the pool for the DHCP server to something like - and use the left IPs for my remote PPTP profile, like say

I also set up the proxy-arp on the bridge1 interface, I believe that is the correct "local interface" per the tutorial above, bridge1 consist of ether2 (master), ether3 and ether4 and wlan1.

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