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Simple PCQ Queue not working as expected

Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:25 am

I have the following simple queue using PCQ defined on my Routerboard 2011.
/queue simple
add burst-limit=5M/30M burst-threshold=1M/10M burst-time=5s/30s max-limit=1M/10M name=pcq-queue queue=pcq-upload-default/pcq-download-default  target= total-queue=default
the WAN link in theory is a 30MB Download, 5MB Upload link.

with these features enabled, my individual client performance is extremely slow. 25 KB/s downloads while attempting to download a file from the internet. A MP3 file via HTTP takes 45 - 50m for 25MB.

statistics show 5 upload and 5 download queues are active.

the target upload average is around 269 kbps and the target download bounces around 854 kbps.

what might I be missing? I'm confused as to why this isn't a lot more because I have set the pct-rate to 0 on the upload/download queues i'm using, so it should split available bandwidth by client correct?
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Re: Simple PCQ Queue not working as expected

Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:46 pm

Well, your max limit is 1M/10M. 10M should be the download, but it depends on which interface the queue is attached. I suspect that the queue is attached to the WAN so by definition the download is the Tx of the interface, and Tx on the WAN interface is actually the upload from your point of view. So instead of applying 10M on the Rx of the WAN you are actually applying 1M.
1Mbps is equal to 1024 kbps, divided with 5 equals 204kbps which divided with 8 equals 25KB.

I would suggest to attach the queue on the LAN interface and drop the target network you have specified.
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