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WebFig hangs after RADIUS login

Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:19 pm

Hi all,

I've setup RADIUS login for users on a RB912, with no accounting. The access-request is received & processed fine by the RADIUS server, upon logging on WebFig, returning an access-reject upon a bad password, or an access-accept if user & pass are OK.

So far, so good. The reply items to the access-accept are:
	MS-CHAP2-Success = "<0>S=9F33DDC6B36B68A575DEC31EB6B5EDEA569DFAB8"
	Group = "full"
For some reason, the user appears as logged in from web, with the R flag, as viewed using the shell, but the web browser hangs with the "Loading [] [] [] [] ..." animation, and doesn't progress any further. If I try to reload the page, or close the tab & open a new one, there is no response from WebFig at all - I need to reboot the router.

Has anyone any insights as to what's going on?

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