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Advertising IPv6 to SSTP client

Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:42 pm

I would like to ask the kind audience for a help.

I have an RB2011 with FW 6.32.3 (last bugfix release). I have fully working IPv4 and IPv6 Internet connection and (I believe) well working SSTP server. Everything works great, there are no problems with connection from Windows 7/8.1/10 clients to VPN via SSTP (from lacations with IPv6 as well as without IPv6 connectivity).

I wanted to provide the clients with an IPv6 connectivity over VPN tunnel. I did the following:
  • - I created an IPv6 pool with prefix length 64 out of my allocated address space
  • - I changed a profile for SSTP server: set remote IPv6 prefix pool to the above created one, set usage of IPv6 to yes
Then I connected via SSTP from Windows client and got both link-local and public IPv6 addresses. In the router I could see:
  • - dynamically created link-local address in ipv6, address
  • - my IPv6 pool within used prefixes in ipv6, pool
  • - IPv6 route in the routing table (DAS flags), gateway to sstp interface
  • - my IPv6 pool in ipv6 neighbor discovery (flag D)
Simply everything as expected and the client without its own IPv6 connectivity now got one through the VPN tunnel. Then ping, HTTP, HTTPS, etc. worked like a charm, exactly as I had desired.

Sadly enough, after client disconnection and later reconnection from the same IPv4 address I got only link-local IPv6 address but NOT THE PUBLIC ONE! I could not find a way to get the IPv6 connection to the Internet again. The only functional thing remained, ping to the link-local address of the other end of the tunnel (in the router).

I checked the router settings, I could see the pool within the used prefixes but not within routing table and neighbor discovery.

Every suggestion what to do in order to achieve a reliable IPv6 tunnel to clients is welcome in advance.
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Re: Advertising IPv6 to SSTP client

Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:23 am

There is no answer/suggestion what to do yet, so I believe it's a bug in Router OS. In the meantime I checked with the current firmware release (6.34.2) - behaviour has not changed. It looks like the problem is not SSTP related only, exactly the same situation happens with L2TP (with or without IPsec) clients.
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Re: Advertising IPv6 to SSTP client

Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:08 pm

There are lots of IPv6-related things that need some attention by Mikrotik.

IPv6 is becoming more and more relevant every day. Mikrotik was one of the earliest consumer-level devices that had workable IPv6 available to it - I was using DD-WRT at the time and its v6 support was very spotty and scripty at the time, so Mikrotik was ahead of the curve back before 2010. Now it feels like there hasn't been a lot of progress and development in this arena.

Some of these things I've noticed are very minor, some are major-
stateless DHCP server?
stateful DHCP server for host address assignment?
SLAAC interface configuration? (of limited use, but still relevant for some deployments)
ability to define custom link-local addresses?
recursive next-hop lookup in iBGP when next hop is link-local address (known issue)
AAAA record support in dyndns update client?
resolver does not check for AAAA records when attempting to ping hostnames
package is disabled by default
6to4 islands require two 6to4 interfaces to really work right (becoming much less relevant as v6 is adopted natively)
ipv6 dhcp relay

I'm sure this list could be easily added to by other forum regulars here who are using IPv6 in their daily lives.

I'm really hoping that ROSv7 has a nice boost to the IPv6 features.
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Re: Advertising IPv6 to SSTP client

Fri Feb 26, 2016 8:02 am

I share my hope in RouterOS 7 with ZeroByte. I expect IPv6 to be on the level similar to IPv4 - which would probably result also in the menu redesign (items like DNS, IPsec, etc. serve to both protocol versions equally). Next most desired feature for myself is IPv6 policy routing (I am really missing this).

Let us hope we will get version 7 soon.
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Re: Advertising IPv6 to SSTP client

Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:25 pm

The are 6.44.7 where is support of some tunnel over ipv6?

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