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RouterOS ~ Multiple Trunks

Fri Jan 29, 2016 1:06 am


On my RB493G's, I am trying to figure out how to configure ports 6-9 to all be trunk ports. The RB493G will also have Ports 2-5 configured to be access ports for a single given VLAN. I have been successful in setting Port 9 on each RB493G to pass two VLANs of traffic between them (yay) but been unable to get additional ports to act as trunks also. Here is how I need to get the ports configured:
Any help with this would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:03 pm

Move port 6,7,8 to bridge vlan trunk as u did with port 9

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Re: RouterOS ~ Multiple Trunks

Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:37 pm

In ethernet interface configuration, set ether8 as master=none and ether9 as master=ether8
Also set ether2 to have master-port = none, and ether3 - ether5 to have master-port = ether2

On ether8, create vlan interfaces

Put IP addresses on each vlanX interfaces where you want the Mikrotik to have an IP address in that vlan.
Any vlan that is only passing through the Mikrotik as a switch, you won't need to make a vlanX interface for that VLAN.

vlan100 is the exception put no IP address or dhcp or firewall rules on this interface - and you need this vlan interface for the next step even if the Mikrotik won't get an IP in vlan100.

Finally, make a bridge called bridge-vlan100 - put the IP / dhcp / firewall rules / etc for Vlan100 on this bridge interface.
Connect ether2 and vlan100 interfaces to bridge-vlan100 as ports.

This will do what you want.
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