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RB3011 (ARM) WAN Performance Issues

Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:22 pm

Dear fellow Mikrotikkers :D

A few months ago i've had an upgrade to a 500/500 FTTH. At that time i was using an RB2011, but the rb2011 pulled out max 250/300Mbit over the WAN port.

So i decided to buy an RB3011, and an few days later it arrived. Yesterday i did an new configuration of the RB3011 but didn't manage to get higher results with the following configuration;
/interface ethernet
set 0 arp=proxy-arp auto-negotiation=yes  \
    disabled=no full-duplex=yes l2mtu=1598  \
    mtu=1500 name=ether1-gateway speed=1Gbps

set 1 arp=enabled auto-negotiation=yes \
    disabled=no full-duplex=yes l2mtu=1598 \
    mtu=1500 name=ether2 speed=1Gbps

/interface vlan
add arp=enabled disabled=no interface=ether1-gateway l2mtu=1594 mtu=1500 \
    name=vlan1.6 use-service-tag=no vlan-id=6

/ppp profile
set 0 change-tcp-mss=yes name=default only-one=default use-compression=\
    default use-encryption=default use-mpls=default use-vj-compression=\

/interface pppoe-client
add add-default-route=yes allow=pap,mschap2 \
    dial-on-demand=no disabled=no interface=vlan1.6 keepalive-timeout=20 max-mru=1480 max-mtu=1480 \
    mrru=disabled name=pppoe password=kpn profile=default \
    use-peer-dns=no user=XX-XX-XX-xx-xx-xx@direct-adsl

/routing bgp instance
set default disabled=yes

/interface bridge
add name=bridge-local arp=proxy-arp

/interface bridge port
add bridge=bridge-local interface=ether2
add bridge=bridge-local interface=ether3
add bridge=bridge-local interface=ether4
add bridge=bridge-local interface=ether5
add bridge=bridge-local interface=wlan1

/interface bridge settings
set use-ip-firewall=no use-ip-firewall-for-pppoe=no use-ip-firewall-for-vlan=\
/interface ethernet switch port
set 0 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 1 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 2 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 3 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 4 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 5 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 6 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 7 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 8 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 9 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 10 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 11 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled
set 12 vlan-header=leave-as-is vlan-mode=disabled

/ip address
add address= disabled=no interface=bridge-local network=

/ip dns
set allow-remote-requests=yes cache-max-ttl=1d cache-size=2048KiB \
    max-udp-packet-size=4096 servers=,

/ip firewall filter
add action=accept chain=input disabled=no in-interface=pppoe protocol=icmp
add action=accept chain=input connection-state=related disabled=no
add action=accept chain=input connection-state=established disabled=no

add action=reject chain=input in-interface=pppoe protocol=tcp reject-with=icmp-port-unreachable
add action=reject chain=input in-interface=pppoe protocol=udp reject-with=icmp-port-unreachable

/ip firewall nat
add action=masquerade chain=srcnat disabled=no out-interface=pppoe \
    src-address= to-addresses=

/ip neighbor discovery
set sfp1 discover=no
set ether1-gateway discover=no
set ether2 discover=yes
set ether3 discover=yes
set ether4 discover=yes
set ether5 discover=yes
set wlan1 discover=no
set bridge-local discover=yes
set pppoe discover=no
set vlan1.6 discover=no

/ip pool
add name=thuisnetwerk ranges=
/ip dhcp-server
add address-pool=thuisnetwerk authoritative=yes disabled=no interface=bridge-local \
    lease-time=1h30m name=dhcp-thuis
/ip dhcp-server config
set store-leases-disk=15m
/ip dhcp-server network
add address= dns-server= domain=thuis.local gateway=\

/ip traffic-flow
set active-flow-timeout=30m cache-entries=4k enabled=no \
    inactive-flow-timeout=15s interfaces=all
/ip upnp
set allow-disable-external-interface=no enabled=yes show-dummy-rule=no
/ip upnp interfaces
add disabled=no interface=bridge-local type=internal
add disabled=no interface=pppoe type=external
set backlight-timeout=5m enabled=yes
/system clock
set time-zone-name=Europe/Amsterdam
Has anyone any idea what causes this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: RB3011 (ARM) WAN Performance Issues

Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:55 pm


How much throughout are you getting with the current config?

How much are you getting when you directly plug in the ethernet comming from the fibre modem into a laptop?
There you go then you touched something ;-) : it only takes a change in wind direction to screw with your nat :-)
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Re: RB3011 (ARM) WAN Performance Issues

Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:22 pm

I'm not sure the RB3011 supports fasttrack, since the last release candidate fasttrack is supported for pppoe clients.

So, try to add a fasttrack rule to the firewall. If you don't get any better result (e.g. see no increment in dummy firewall rules for fasttrack), I hope you still have your old router :)

500/500 (KPN/XS4ALL) is possible on a RB2011 since 6.35rc12
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Re: RB3011 (ARM) WAN Performance Issues

Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:48 pm

Sorry but..some basic optimizations that should benefit both RB2011 and RB3011
1- Why you are using a software bridge and not hardware bridge (define ports as slave of master prot) for lan side ports ?
2- Merge firewall rules, for example: when accepting established and related use a single rule instead two.

About RB3011, I'm not sure the RB3011 supports fasttrack, since the last release candidate fasttrack is supported for pppoe clients...I tested carefully it this week-end and no differences noticed.

About overall trafic testing : if you check using only one TCP will get the top for this alone TCP stream...only one of both CPUs to be used.....

Kind Regards

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