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PowerBox - RB750p-pbr2 - No PPPoE

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 7:42 am
by gammy69er
So... Have been using these units to awesome effect as Outdoor Switches - But the one time I try to use as a Core, wha-wahhhhhhh. Wasted 4 Hours trying to diagnose my pppoe server - turns out the ODPB has only some ability as a router - as it can't seem to get the internet in on it's own.


PPPoE Server @ Core Site
PPPoE Client @ remote site - 5.8g Link

PPPoE Server and Client on VLAN (ether5 for PoE) - Hotspot Running across main link (it can pick up a DHCP-client IP).

Ubiquiti 5.8g - Rocket PTMP AP and Nanostation STA.

RB433AH Core (to be upgraded very soon)
Powerbox was supposed to be the cilent and a Hotspot in it's own right.

PPPoE Client on PB was sending out request
PPPoE Server on RB433 was receiving request and sending return request
that's where it stopped (so, PADI was sent and Core Received but PADO was only sent by Core - not Received by Client)

Now before anyone tells me to check cabling, Ubiquiti Framing and setup and all that other stuff - I assure you that I did - twice - I event Rebuilt the PPPoE Client and Server - no Beans

I finally gave up and went to Lunch. I headed past office, configured a 951u and took it to site. Plugged this in and BOOOM - it was away instantly.


Now this leaves me with a serious problem of having to reconfigure the entire physical install. Luckly enough I did the smart thing and left enough slack as contingency, but have now made a specific IP Rated outdoor box useless (hopefully will find another use in the future) - as I now need a bigger one for the RB951, and - more importantly - have wasted half a day on thing that should just work.

Now to the Questions

1. Is there any particular reason that a router that Mikrotik has created is unable to connect via a PPPoE session (and before you say it may be a bad unit - I tried 2 more later in the day - same result)

2. If anyone comes back and says "they are used as Outdoor Powered Switch" - then my question to them is why the hell do they run ROS License Level 4 and not SwitchOS - or even just a lower license level (I will chime in here for the SwitchOS - because their current Switches can't perform full power over PoE). I know Level 3 and do Full Bridge Mode (learnt that the hard way by trying to do a Full AP Setup on one.... durp)

3. To anyone that would quote Hardware Limitations - I have MaP Units at other Sites - set up EXACTLY as this was to be (VLAN for PPPoE-Client via Ubiquiti 5.8 Link) - and they have no problems Whatsoever - be it through ether1 or ether2(PoE). MaP have 400mhz CPU, 64mb RAM and 16mb Flash. Powerbox has 650Mhz CPU, 64MB RAM and 16mb Flash. More Power = More Responsibility, Right?

So if a knowledgeable representative of the community could shed some light on this product and it's actual capabilities, I would be appreciative - as would the community, I am sure.

To anyone having an issue with this - if no one replies - Get a Bigger Enclosure (or an enclosure full stop) and Plan for a Router and Powered Switch - or lots of PSU's, or of course, if you have the ability to be inside with your router - do that :)