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Simple VPN - MTU size?

Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:14 pm

Hi guys,
I use some hAP Lites for my SOHOS, everything works ok, I set up a VPN with one IP wich allows me to get into the local LAN remotely and do/check stuff like NAS and printers.
I'm experiencing random "slowness" sometimes (packets loss?), like for example, 5 minutes I can browse the LAN shares perfectly and then everything slows down. In the tutorial I used for setting up a simple VPN I read about changing the MTU size because of overhead. Should I try it? I will post the cfg.

My scheme looks like this
hAP lite with pppoe wan and internal dhcp serving from. 100 to. 200
VPN set up so remote client Ip is .99, so I get access to the LAN internal shares, Web services etc.

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