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EOIP local address = src-address?

Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:13 am

I'm trying to do some dual eoip links to bond over WAN (w/ ipsec). The remote side is a datacenter and has plenty of bandwidth. The local side has a few slow links and they need to be aggregated.

this will be easy with eoip tunnels, except that I have to add specific routes to different public IP addresses at the datacenter to force eoip1 out WAN1 and eoip2 out WAN2

I'm wishing that local-address worked like src-address and would cause the tunnel to originate on the local-addresses interface. Then I could handle this with a mange rule to set the route table and a default route out WAN2 with that route table.

Either that, or some other solution to push eoip1 out WAN1 and eoip2 out WAN2.

Thanks in advance!

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