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hotspot and PPPOE

Sun Mar 20, 2016 2:25 pm

Hello everyone.
I want to shifted my entire broadband users on Radius (listed in Made for mikrotik) and Mikrotik 1036 router NAS.
I have got few public IP pools:

(A) |
(B) | all these four pools for giving static public to business customers.
(C) |
(D) |

(E) for PPPOE Users

(I want that each PPPOE user picks new Ip each time for a new PPPOE session) for Ex: Suppose a PPPOE user “david “authenticate with an IP 103.239.XXX.144 for his PPPOE session. When he disconnects his PPPOE session he must get a different IP (randomly from the public IP pool defined for PPPOE Users) for his new PPPOE session.

Ether-1 is WAN
Ether-2 is LAN

I do not want to use any private either for PPPOE authentication or Hotspot authentication.
Could anyone please tell me how to configure my Mikrotik router for both PPPOE users and also for Hotspot users ( is there any other method except Hotspot to give public ip to my business users.
I m worried and confused how to use 4 pools instead of one for hotspot.

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Re: hotspot and PPPOE

Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:21 am

I am not sure I'm understanding you...

I wouldn't subnet your public IP range, if you got a .128/25 range you're losing 2 ips with each subnetting (8 in total).

If you want to divide that address range, specify numeric ranges, like

To make PPPoE users take a dynamic IP from an ip pool, set that pool as remote-address on their PPPoE profile.

ROS will always pick IPs in reverse order: .161, then .160, then .159...

You can "link" several ip pools by specifying "Next Pool" value on them.
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