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VLAN Configuration appears overly complicated ... anyone give me some simple answers?

Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:17 pm

Hi, I've had a CCR226-24G-2S+ for a couple of months and I've already had one go at trying to configure my VLAN configuration on the device and I just have a few questions now I am getting more into it I was hoping someone could just give me a couple of yes/no's on the attached questions.

Winbox > Switch > Ports > Trunk
It appears this has nothing to do with a VLAN at all and these are essentially bonded interfaces as opposed to a VLAN trunk port.

Winbox > Switch > VLAN > VLAN Tagging
It appears this is where I define VLAN trunks, essentially ports that I want to carry tagged traffic which effectively allows the relevant port to take part in the associated VLAN.

Winbox > Switch > VLAN > In. VLAN Tran
So this is where I translate arriving packets at each port from a VLAN (or possibly untagged packets) by setting the "Customer VID" to be the VLAN of the arriving packet and "New Customer VID" to be the VLAN I want the packet to have in the router.

After some painful testing, it appears if I add one of these rules, this also effectively translates when packets leave the router as well. So for example if I have an entry in here ...

ports=ether22-slave-local service-vlan-format=any customer-vlan-format=any customer-vid=0 new-customer-vid=200 pcp-propagation=no sa-learning=no

then not only does this translate an untagged packet arriving on interface ether22-slave-local onto VLAN 200 in the router it also takes packets going out this interface on VLAN 200 and untags them, effectively doing egress VLAN translation as well.

Winbox > Switch > VLAN > Eg. VLAN Tran
Given the above ingress translation also appears to effect egress translation as well which obviously is a useful thing, why is there this other tab for Egress translation at all, other than to confuse me completely?

One last question, after making changes to the VLAN configuration of my router how long would you perhaps expect it to take effect and is there any way I can prod the router to make this happen more quickly if I am making a lot of configuration changes and trying to test.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive ... :-)

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