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MTCNA requirement

Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:03 pm

I've been in the IT business for almost 20 years and have been using Mikrotik for a lot of years. I've been installing Mikrotik based networks, wireless P2P links, small scale ISP (PPPoE) networks and linking remote sites with IPSEC VPNs and BGP for routing.

Now I want to expand my knowledge on routing a bit and was looking at MTCRE, but to my surprise it is required to first follow a training course for MTCNA before you are allowed to take the MTCNA exam and the follow-up MTCRE exam (with prior MTCRE training). I know I can take the training course without an exam, but for the price of the training I would want to have the certificate (also because it's a pre-req for the MTCINE exam).

I have no issues with taking the MTCNA exam first, but why must I waste almost a 1000 euro's on the MTCNA training when I already know all that basic stuff? From other forum posts I understand that you want the trainer to "get to know" the student, but you don't really get to know me when I have to follow a "boring" training that I'm not motivated for.
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Re: MTCNA requirement

Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:44 pm

I was in the same position, but I found that attending the course helped to solidify certain concepts and build on your current knowledge. The MTCNA may seem trivial, but there are points taught that help to make best use of the device in the field, such a RoMON. Having completed the MTCNA and currently on the MTCRE course, it does help to have been on the previous course as the trainer may refer to course concepts from the MTCNA.

The courses also other another great advantage, information of real-life implementations are often bounced around the class and you do tend to gain more than you expected to when you have completed it.

I'd suggest just completing the course and writing the MTCNA exam to get it out the way and move on to bigger and better things!

You also get a free Level 4 License :)

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