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Cloneing Configuration

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 5:12 am
by Freman
G'day there...

I've got a situation where a router in the field is failing and I want to replace it, I have another one with exact same hardware configuration (well, exact in except mac addresses).

How can I copy the configuration from the device in the field, to the device here in the office so it can be rushed out and replaced in seconds?

I've tried "backup/copy/restore" but that does NOT work, all the interfaces get renamed and all the fields requireing interfaces from the original configuration become "(unknown)"

I've tried "export/copy/import" but it gives me errors, and further investigation has shown me that the exported data isn't in sequence, IE: things that require a non-default profile are created before the profile is and it fails to import.

Anyone have any other ideas?


Re: Cloneing Configuration

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 8:59 am
by mag
just a proposal:
i made a configuration text file (export file=config) and changed it a bit to give the interfaces always the same name. this depends on a quite similar hardware configuration, but changes are easily done with a text editor.
/ interface ethernet 
set 0 name="ether1-lan" disabled=no 
set 1 name="ether2-dmz" disabled=no 
set 2 name="ether3-wan" disabled=no 
/ ip address 
add address= network= broadcast= interface=ether1-lan  disabled=no 
and so on. later config-commands can use the interface names.