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Mikrotik Hotspot + Ruckus ZoneDirector

Tue May 10, 2016 9:19 pm

I have an installation that consists of the following.

1 Mikrotik Gateway
3 Mikrotik Point to Multipoint Antennas
10 Mikrotik Bridges connected to the PTMP antennas
1 Zone Director
22 AP's distribuited through 10 buildings.

Problem: When I enable captive portal (hotspot) on the Mikrotik - Guests connected to the Ruckus AP's do not get redirected (get a no internet browser error). When a guest connects directly to the main inside switch or the ethernet port of a bridge antenna right away they get the splash page.

We even tried putting a ZoneFlex AP directly behind the main inside switch, plugging into one of it's spare ports, only to find the same error. The browser tries to go to the splash page but can not. If we have an autonomous AP, the user gets the splash page right away so it seems to be a problem with the ZoneDirector.

Does anyone have any experience with Mikrotik Hotspot + Zone Director, any help would be appreciated.



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