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QoS, where? And then, how?

Wed May 11, 2016 12:33 am

Complicated network; Xmas tree structure with at some stages 7 to 8 legs down to the client. Mixed where some legs consist out of wireless.

Capacity from uplink provider 300/300Mbps simmetric.
Average max utilisation (at the moment) is 200Mbps down and 50Mbps up.

Clients authenticated with PPPoE server over MPLS/VPLS network (OSFP routing) with some vlan legs at some small portions of the web.

Q1; Simple queue are limiting client bandwidth. Is priority setting of any value here to give top clients better internet over basic? I believe not since limit of TTL is never reached?

Q2; Basically a queue tree at the gateway makes no sense since the total download traffic stream (bound by what provider has assigned to us = 300Mb theoratical) up to now has never reached more than 200Mbps over first main backbone into our network. Capacity of this same backbone is 250Mb or more. (80Mhz wide 526,5-585Mbps conn. rate, 85% CCQ)
Further down the Xmas tree links become smaller in capacity but total compare client load also reduces strongly since traffic is going to different branches of the tree.

Basically every AP's client network is the first real bottle neck. Most AP's have more clients connected X assigned bandwidth that the AP could ever supply if several clients pull at the same time.
The limit is actually the AP?
Is this now the location of a QoS system?
And if so, does the Mangle filtering and queuing process also not put such a strain on the AP it's capacity is reduced even further?

Opinions on this? Before we go into how we setup a general QoS system not too complicated but one that gives priority to certain clients over certain others and certain types over other lesser important types we should discuss where the best place is to set the queuing in place...
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