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flat-snoop option from console or API

Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:41 am

If I was write in previous post, standard snooper runned from console doesn´t give frequencies used by each station or network. Because I need to get it work, I make some experiments and found new command "flat-snoop" (tested on 6.37rc12) similar to "snoop" command, where each item contain all information about stations, networks and frequency usages.
Can anybody help me with possible option for "flat-snoop" command, if I want to see ie. only stations or networks, default settings for "flat-snoop" show all together.
Same results I get if I run command via API .
It will be nice to have command somethink like this:
/interface wireless snooper flat-snoop wlan1 mode=station
/interface wireless snooper flat-snoop wlan1 mode=networks
or set this mode before run flat-snoop command.
Any sugestion?

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