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Unauthenticated Hotspot clients lose DNS until host deleted

Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:33 pm

I have busy CCR1009 running a Hotspot on a large site.

Some users complain they can't get the login page. On investigation I find they are not resolving and DNS names.
Their DNS is correct and other users around them are fine.
I have found that I must delete them from the 'hosts' (delete their IP and Mac) and then when they reconnect they now get DNS and hence login page again.
I looked to check these users dhcp leases, before deleting their host entry and invariably they will have a newish DHCP lease.

Has anyone else experienced this. It causes a lot of support calls.

**UPDATE: I have discovered that that users that have this problem all have a new dhcp lease but an old host entry.
I would think the host entry should clear when the dhcp lease expires and I think this is the problem.

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