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Ros 6.35.4 and telnet

Tue Sep 06, 2016 9:05 pm

Hello everybody,

We are having a strange issue with ros 6.35.4 on a ccr 1036 8g 2s+

We use the net watch service to get email alerts regarding which of our clients or switches in our distribution network has gone down and come up.
The switches run on a vlan that is only for the switches management and that vlan runs on the ccr.
Let's say that vlan is vlan 101 and has an IP attached to it

The switches in the network IP from 4 to 13.
We also telnet or ssh into the switches from that ccr using the user " support "

The weird thing is, the ros keeps telnetting to all the switches using the uid info and default and floods the switches which prohibit us from logging into the switches, the only way is to disable the vlan 101, wait 5 minutes and then turn it on and login again and that window isn't that big either.

Now does it have something to do with system logging? Anybody face this problem or anything similar?

This setup has been running for well over a year and never had this problem before. Anybody know or faced anything like this?

Any suggestion, as weird or silly as it might seem would be appreciated.

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