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suggested network topology ?

Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:22 am


I would like to ask for second opinion just in case :)

I want is to reconfigure my network with new cetralize pppoe server but not shure what whill be best solution topology!
Network is not big, only 3 pops with 2 APs each!
There is no redudant links and I dont expect to reach more 200 custamers ever, so MPLS/EIOP with OSPF or something like that what is used in big networks seams unnecessary!

My first idea is to bridge vlans to each AP and do pppoe server to each vlan interface so I dont have big L2 domains but whill I have any problems with speeds or MTU beacuse of cobine Vlan and pppoe extra overhead?

Or make one bridge for all, usualy I see that is not recomendation but for a network this size mybee is not a problem?

I see poeple like to do pppoe server on the spot/tower but this woud also be more coplicatet because I whill not use any radius server or similar and I woud like to keep it simple, one CCR to do it all and rest of the network simple as posible!

Does this make any sense :p what woud you do ?

Thanks you all!

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