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Mikrotik licensing

Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:36 pm

I have RouterBOARD that needs upgrade. Version is 5.25, current available version is 6.37.

The RouterBOARD comes with an embedded license. You cannot move this license to a new system in any way, this includes upgrades applied to the RouterBOARD while it was still working.

Am I allowed to upgrade to 6.37?
What happens if there is a problem, ie. router does not boot after upgrade and I need to use serial/netinstall/...?

I have already exported currently valid (embedded) key.
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Re: Mikrotik licensing

Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:50 pm

I know that the system ID format changed some time ago, but I can't remember if it was 4->5 or 5->6.
(actually I just checked and this was 3 -> 4)

You shouldn't have any license issues upgrading from 5 to 6. The main thing is do not format the NAND from the console boot menu - I did that once and had to get an entirely new license generated by support. Netinstall can retreive the license key from the unit for you and you can copy/paste that into a text file for safe keeping.

One thing to be careful about in your upgrade is that the simple queues made some big changes from version 5 to 6, so if your configuration uses them, you need to back up your router and have a copy of the firmware for your current version available in case your configuration doesn't translate well in the upgrade process and you need to downgrade.
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Re: Mikrotik licensing

Wed Oct 12, 2016 6:51 pm

If you look under System --> License it will show you what the latest support version you are allowed to run with your current license if I remember correctly.

Basically, you can upgrade your device without any problems, and the RouterOS should automatically convert your config from v5 to v6 (sometimes its not always 100% depending on what you have running, but 99% of the times its fine).

You wont need to apply any licenses etc.
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Re: Mikrotik licensing

Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:34 am

Update without problems? Definitely not if he has a mipsle cpu...

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