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Help with the Hotspot over multi subnet network

Sun Oct 30, 2016 9:23 pm

Hi all, i need a little help

I have a netvork that looks something like this

LAN ----- ROUTEROS (rb750up) ----- eth3 ----- PPPoE client -----VDSL Modem -----Internet
eth1 and eth2 are Local network (lan switching)
eth4 i connected to UBNT airgrid with nework and on the other side of wireless link i also simmilar setup ( but without PPPoe Client

All routing is done by OSPF

At the moment on each RB i have Hotspot server (using freeradius server on my local server)

What i would like to do is use Hotspot only on one rb and that is one which is connected to internet via PPPoE client. I dont want to use hotspot server on each of my rb ... just one.

The problem is if i put only one hotspot on , none of the users on 2.0/24 network will get caught by hotspot which is logical because traffic from 2.0/24 to internet does not go throu 1.0/24.
If i set 2 Hotspot server on first RB 1.0/24 (eth1) and 254.8/29(eth4) interfaces then hotspot for 1.0/24 users works fine like before. But other one does not. None of the users 2.0/24 get caught by Hotspot but also their Internet connection does unlike in first case.

For example best setup would be that Hotspot server is set on eth3 interface (which has PPPoe Client to net) and that any ip on whole network gets caught by it.
At the moment eth3 has no IP because it is not needed, just PPPoe Client.

Any ide how it would be possible?

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