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R850Gx2 - EoIP Over SSTP Speed

Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:53 pm
by TimGuyUK
I have a R850Gx2 EoIP over l2tp that Ive been running on a UK FTTC 80/20 line for a while. Its used for offsite hyperv replication. the l2tp is unencrypted, the EoIP is using IPSEC secret straight from the general tab of the tunnel. I have it bridged to a single device on a x86 Quad Core RouterOS device with 2Gb ram and CPU averaging 10%. On the 20Mbps upload I can get around 17.5 to 18Mbps.

The 20Mbps upload isn't quick enough. The customer has a 200Mb internet connection via an unconfigurable firewall which I can punch out via a transparent proxy server on sstp (I know little about the proxy)

The rest of the configuration is the same as the l2tp. This connection will only give me 15Mbps tops and mostly is around 12Mbps.

I have run a Btest although because of the bridging I can only run it at the sstp layer. I can get around 50Mbps out of this end to end.

So the layer that has changed can give me 50Mbps on BTest. The layers that have stayed the same can only now give me 15Mbps in bursts?

I don't know if the R850Gx2 is running IPsec in hardware with this configuration however I have tried without IPsec and there is no difference in performance.

Firmware on the R850Gx2 is 6.37.1

Can anyone offer any advice?