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Host communication issue using RB3011

Wed Dec 21, 2016 3:49 am

Hi, Im fairly new to Mikrotik. I have an RB3011 that I'm setting up and I have a few hosts that cannot communicated across vlans. Ive noticed that these particular hosts do not have places to type in a default gateway on their adapters. Three are inexpensive belkin routers configured as access points and one is a Leviton/HAI automation panel. Im assuming they're this way because they're usually used on "flat" networks.. I have static ip addresses setup on these devices. Other hosts on vlans talk just fine but these do not and I'm assuming this is the reason why.
Question, If this is the reason why these devices cannot talk between vlans, is there a work-around?

Help! thanks!
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Re: Host communication issue using RB3011

Thu Dec 29, 2016 6:03 pm

If you have multiple VLANs, you (typically) have also multiple IP networks, which requires routing to work.
So if you have devices that can not do routing (you can't set a default gateway and you can't configure static routes on them), then these devices can not open connections to anywhere but their local network. Given your hardware - Belkin "router" it is very improbable that they can not do "routing". The HAI panel - well - seems also improbable to me, but I don't know the product.
Maybe by doing some more intensive RTFM on the two device types, you can find the way to do it.
If not - by using masquerading from VLAN"X" to VLAN"Belkin/HAI" you can at least access the devices from other VLANs (the "Belkin/HAI" devices "see" an IP from their local network and can reach them) - but not vice versa (unless those devices forward everything into their local network - then proxy arp on the 3011 could help you).

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