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map lite as VPN client for serving IPv6 prefix

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 11:28 pm
by wil

I have been playing around with using the map lite as a VPN client in an IPSec/L2TP setup. I finally got it to work but there are a few stumbling blocks:
  1. It seems there is no way for assigning the DNS servers in the l2tp-client for DNS resolution. It works by adding the private IP of the DNS server in the static configuration, but it is a bit cheeky.
  2. On the VPN concentrator I cannot have 2 overlapping IPv6 pools. This makes total sense at first, but I get a ::/48 prefix from my ISP and serve a ::/64 subset out to my internal LAN and a non overlapping ::/60 subset as pool for the VPN clients. The ::/60 for the VPN is obviously within the ::/48 that is dynamically created by the ipv6 dhcp client on my ISP link. If the IPv6 uplink is established I get an error message when I try to create the IPv6 pool for the VPN because of the overlap. I can disable the IPv6 dhcp-client and add the VPN pool and re-enable the dhcp-client. Is there a better way to handle this?
  3. In the map-lite I set up a wireless AP to connect my notebook. Then I added multiple virtual wireless stations with the AP as master device to connect the map-lite to the uplink APs of the different locations. The caveat is that the map-lite AP as to be set to the correct channel for the virtual stations to be able to connect to the one of the uplink APs. Just setting frequency=auto at the map-lite AP did not work. Can I use one chain for the AP and another one for the stations in frequence=auto mode? Or is there some method so that the map-lite can figure out the frequency automatically?