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interface based VPN routing? IE select source interface

Fri Jan 06, 2017 6:39 pm

I'm looking for an elegant way to have 2x L2TP or PPtP tunnels sourced from different WAN interfaces for the purpose of redundant links.

I'm currently adding routes to 2 IP addresses on my remote side via each interface's gateway. IE:

wan1 gw
wan2 gw

remote CCR for VPN termination requires 2 addresses to do this:

route dst via
route dst via

the problem here is that one or both of the wans can be dhcp, so needs a script to find the individual gateways.

I can't do EoIP which does handle the source address interface routing (apparently) because I need to penetrate NAT. L2TP is ideal, PPtP is a second best

Does need to be a full tunnel interface because I use ipsec and bfd on the interface to do rapid failover and automatic routing.

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