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l2tp vrs pptp

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:09 am
by Equis

I need to set a vpn between 2 offices
I have test both these and the l2tp is 3 times faster for me.

What is teh difference between them?

Thanks :-)

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:43 am
by sergejs
As far as I know, L2TP is newer and it has improvements to overcome PPTP limitations, one of them PPTP issues with NAT and others.

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:52 am
by Equis
Thanks for the reply

Being I have a 100% MT network, do you think l2tp woul dbe better to use than WPA/WAP2 etc?

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:01 am
by sergejs
WPA/WPA2 are designed for local wireless network security, in other words to protect AP from unauthorized access.

L2TP might be used over public networks for authentication and data encryption between hosts (not only for local).

PPPoE or HotSpot migh be as alternative for WPA/WPA2, however you can use mix of them to ensure more security.