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rb2011+capsman+pcc+pcq is enough?

Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:44 pm

i am setting a capsman at a rb2011 with 37 caps and pcc with 2 vdsl 50mbps down/5mbps up each.
sometimes when i make speedtest ( by Ookla) the cpu usage of rb2011 jumps to 70-80%
hotel is close now. so i am the only one using the internet.
will be enough for the task when the hotel opens and there are customers in every room?

when the hotel opens i will add also a queue (pcq) of 10mbps for download and 800kbps for upload
i dont use local forwarding because i want to monitor stats in rb2011 interface.

if it is not enough what comes next? RB1100AHx2? or some ccr? which one?
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Re: rb2011+capsman+pcc+pcq is enough?

Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:45 am

There were some known problems with efficiency of RB2011. I would consider RB3011UiAS-RM:
2-core CPU
1.4 GHz CPU
1 GB of RAM
10 Gigabit ports
Where on RB2011 the CPU usage was 40-50% now most of a time it's 0-2%.

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