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Routed Network With PPtp Tunnel & Hotspot

Wed Nov 15, 2006 6:43 am

Hi This might have been answered but i just cant seem to find it.

I have a project where the client has a huge routed network and i need to setup a hotspot for public access through the network.

I have opted to build cheap ap's connected to MT ROS and then create a VPN tunnel and rout traffic to a MT Hotspot and auth the clients here.

My problem starts when i create the HSpot. Without the Hotspot i can route through the tunnel to the internet fine no problem just one 3ms hop due to traffic latency on the network this is expected as there is five hops to the Hotspot.

when i enable the Hotspot on the pc ROS i do not get auth for the hotspot.
No i do not know where to put the hotspot, do i put it in a vla or attach it to one of the ether net ports

End router -------Routed network --------- HOTSPOT --Proxy Server--Internet
---- |_______________VPN_______________|

End Router - Client side with routing rules to get to Hotspot
Routed Network - Five hop network with diff routers no acess to config
Hotspot - Router OS Build 2.9.35 acting as VPN Concentrator and Hotspot
with radius auth to install next
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Wed Nov 15, 2006 9:38 am

What kind of VPN tunnel did you install between the end-router and the hotspot? You need to be aware that there needs to be transparent layer 2 connectivity between the client and the hotspot. In your situation that would only leave EoIP as the only possible VPN tunnel type, which would need RouterOS devices on both ends (there goes your "cheap" off-the-shelf AP). Run the EoIP tunnel over an IPsec transport mode connection if you're concerned about privacy.

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Wed Nov 15, 2006 8:02 pm


The end router is a RB 532 and the Hotspot is a ROS on a pc based server with a single network card. I can increase this should the need arise. I will look at EOIP tomorrow

PS the cheap AP's are befire the end router on the second Ethernet interface.


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