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Dual WAN and Dual DNS

Wed May 17, 2017 8:26 am


I have an RB 3011 with following confiruration
Network 1:
ether 1 is WAN
ether 2 - 5 is LAN
Network 2:
ether 7 is WAN for VoIP
ether 8 - 10 is LAN for VoiP
The Network 1 is working normaly, on the Network 2 i need a other DNS Server for the connect with the VoIP Account.
Where can i set a other DNS Server for this. I have test it with a route like this
/ip Route add dst-address=dns1 gateway1
/ip Route add dst-address=dns2 gateway2
Any idea
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Re: Dual WAN and Dual DNS

Wed May 17, 2017 10:22 am

At /ip dns you can add DNS whom will be used by MikroTik RB ITSELF. For clients you should specific then on DHCP.

If you must specific users DNS into MTK then your "MultiWAN strategy/plan" should replace the /ip dns server= to proper.
Currently those /ip dns can use many dns servers but you cannot select "this users group use this dns". It's a feature req.

Other way will be still routing idea, mangle, PBR...
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