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Firewall question

Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:03 pm

I am wondering if anybody can tell me what this is. firewall,info input: in:ether2 out:(none), src-mac 00:0c:42:6d:e3:f0, proto TCP (ACK,PSH),>, len 85
That is what shows up in my log. I have firewall input rules on what to allow and then it just drops everything else and logs it. To explain the location. We have a backhaul antenna that is plugged into ether2 on a RB750UP. On ether 3 to 5 I have 3 sectors plugged up. This tower is at a home users house and he is plugged into ether 1. What I am seeing is that something is coming to my IP address on ether 2 but is getting dropped. Just trying to find out what it is and if I need to do anything about it. I am wondering if it is something with this home user. When I get into each piece of equipment plugged into the RB750UP they don't show that firewall info. If you need anymore info just let me know or if you can tell me what this is I would appreciate it.

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