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DHCP Server Inop

Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:50 pm

I've read around the forums, posts back in 2016 that the DHCP server assigns prefixes only. So what is the solution?

I have a WAN <- Clould Router Switch (level 5 license) -> LAN

My ISP assigns a prefix to the router via DHCP Client. How do I have LAN clients pick up a IPv6 address?

Can this be done with the DHCP Relay? If so, how? Or am I just misconfiguring something?

So far I'm using WinBox to configure and used the gui to have the DHCP client to create a default address pool from a captured IPv6 prefix. Then the DHCP server is set to assign IP's from that pool. However when a client on the LAN is set to get the IPv6 address dyanmically, they're only assigned locals.

If this is the case, if nothing can be done, then this is rather a critical issue as even Google is serving some A records with IPv6. This means for every MikroTik user, a great portion of the internet is completely inaccessable which is why I hope there is a workaround for it.
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Re: DHCP Server Inop

Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:08 am

+1 MikroTik, lots of threads on this topic lately. I think IPv6 is real and the expectation to use a DHCP 6 server is there by a lot of customers.

No thread author. Welcome to the world of awkward IPv6 support in MikroTik. Some stuff works fantastic. Some other stuff ... Not so much.

You can request a prefix from your ISP and assign it to internal interfaces but the only supported on box method for addressing hosts is SLAAC. MikroTik fell asleep when the we're writing their DHCPv6 code and only implemented a client (both address and prefix) and prefix assignment. Not address assignment. You can use DHCPv6 for configuration for things like DNS.

They don't support a lot of quality of life features like prefix hinting, not just size but actual allocation both for the ISP block and distribution to your networks. We all know how annoying it would be if our VLAN11 prefix always had two nibbles with the value 11 to match automatically. Additionally assigning addresses to hosts with DHCPv6 plus tracking those assignments in DNS. I love IPv6, doesn't mean I love typing them beasts in. These features are present in DNSMASQ and by that nature in OpenWRT by default.

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