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Choose when to expire PPPoE Session

Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:48 am

We use a 3rd party radius solution based on freeradius + mikrotik for PPPoE VDSL customers.
Mikrotik is connected to a VDSL2 DSLAM which then connects to customer VDSL2 modems.

For accurate daily statistical accounting information we set PPPoE session timeout to 24 hours on Mikrotik profile.

The problem with this is that some users complain of a short interruption in service every time at the same day (24 hours from when they first connect)
I have tested this and it is only about a 20second timeout before the session is reconnected, however not ideal if in the middle of a busy time.

I have tested kicking the active session on the Mikrotik but the vdsl modem takes up to 10+ minutes to reconnect this way . This may be an unfortunate limitation with the VDSL modem but I have searched all the settings and I think I can't change this behaviour.

So to summarize, if I let the session timeout expire the user reconnects within 20 seconds.
If I manually restart the PPPoE server or kick the session they have to wait for the modem to do it's 15 minute check cycle (depends at what time it last checked how long it takes)

I want to be able to reset all sessions at the same time once per day, this way I can choose a time nobody should be using and reset the timers. (3-4am for example)

A simple script to kick PPPoE users would achieve this but with the full downtime of up to 15minutes, not ideal when some are residential customers who may infact be using the service at almost any time.

If there was a way to achieve the 20second downtime reconnect such as what happens on the session timeout, but by a script at a time of my choosing this would solve all my problems.

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