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Webproxy "HIT" Objects

Sat Nov 25, 2006 1:09 pm

I've a transparent webproxy, and QoS and BandWidth limitation per user.

When a user request a web object, and webproxy found that object
in his cache memory or disk ( a HIT squid cache event), I want
to send this object from MT to user with max speed.

That is possible ? In linux enviroment I use ZPH patch for
squid cache.
What do you want to do? assuming you want to allow max speed from cache to the clients, try to search the forums, this question has been answered many times, here you will find an example: ... t# this is for 2.8 but you only have to change the syntax.

I think that example doesn't consider if object are HIT or MISS

HIT: when webproxy haves web object requested by user
(and haven't to download it from internet)

MISS: when webproxy doesn't haves web object requested by user
(and must to download it from internet and waste bandwidth)

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