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x86 Question

Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:14 pm

We have been using CCR's exclusively for PPPoE and other services.
recently, as our clients have increased, we are seeing a limitation with possibly pps.
i am attaching an output
rx-packets-per-second: 1 014 638
rx-bits-per-second: 7.8Gbps
fp-rx-packets-per-second: 1 014 638
fp-rx-bits-per-second: 7.8Gbps
tx-packets-per-second: 988 403
tx-bits-per-second: 7.5Gbps
fp-tx-packets-per-second: 1 014 638
fp-tx-bits-per-second: 7.8Gbps

Simple Queues : 50, size ranging from 50mbps to 900mbps.
now, we are seeing 2 things, one is the possible pps limitation and 100% cpu usage with the bigger queues.
the pps limitation because the router can and is doing 9.5gbps in and out but we get complain from users that the bandwidth flow isn't smooth. when the same is done from a cisco router, the flow is silk.

i've spoken to other admins in our area and they are recommending x86 with a high clock cpu, i7-8core or xeon.
there is no documentation by mikrotik which gives out figures for possible throughput.

i'm hoping there are other experience admins out there using x86 architecture for large bandwidth control, what kind of pps are you seeing?

any help would be great.
thank you.
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