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Upload MikroTik Backup file to Linuxx Server using FTP

Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:25 am

I want to upload my Mikrotik router backup file to Linux server using FTP. My linux server is Centos 6.9 and I have configured FTP in server. In mikrotik router I have used this script for taking backup and upload it to server.

:log info "backup beginning now"
:global name=backupfile value=([/system identity get name] . "-" . [/system clock get time])
/system backup save name=$backupfile
:log info "backup pausing for 10s"
:delay 10s
:log info "backup being uploaded"
/tool fetch address=server_ip src-path=$backupfile user=ftp_user mode=ftp password=ftp_pass dst-path="/home/ftp-docs/$backupfile" upload=yes
:log info "backup finished"
:delay 20s
:log info "Deleting Backup File"
/file remove $backupfile;
:log info "Deleting Backupfile File"

I have attached the screenshot of the log.
but this script does not working. Please help me for solving this issue.
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Re: Upload MikroTik Backup file to Linuxx Server using FTP

Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:21 pm

For me, it works only without a date. After adding the date, it stops.

/log info "backup beginning now";
:global name=backupfile value=([/system identity get name] .".backup")
/system backup save name=$backupfile;
/log info "backup pausing for 5s";
:delay 5s
/log info "backup being uploaded";
/tool fetch address=hostIP src-path=$backupfile user=username mode=ftp password=password dst-path="/upload/$backupfile" upload=yes;
/log info "backup finished";
:delay 10s
/log info "Deleting Backup File";
/file remove $backupfile;
/log info "Done.";

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