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Hardware suggestion

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:13 pm
by bigcw
Not sure if this is the best area of the forum to suggest a hardware 'feature', but here goes anyway.

My company is deploying a FTTP technology at present, ie pure fibre optic cable directly to consumer homes. We searched long and hard for a suitable CPE to use. I really wanted to use a Mikrotik hAP AC, but we concluded finally that it was not suitable for a mass-market consumer device mainly due to issues around the fibre. For example, it would be too easy for the consumer to tamper with the fibre connection and either break it or cause a laser-safety hazard.

What we have ended up using is a Genexis DRG7820. ( The main decision was made because of the way that the fibre management is built in to a base plate which screws to a wall in the customers' houses. The router then clips on top of this. This means that it is difficult for the end user to get hold of the actual fibre cable and, if they do unplug the router, the fibre is attached to the wall and pointing downwards hence it would be very difficult for them to shine into their eye.

However the Genexis software is awful. I see where they are going with it - the user interface is very simplified such that a consumer would struggle to cause an outage by fiddling - but by hiding the configuration options away it makes it a nightmare for us as a service provider. The default configuration is very insecure, probably on purpose, because Genexis sell a product that does mass-configuration of routers and I guess they want to encourage service providers to use this (at extra cost). The alternative would be to build our own tool of course.

Another feature of the Genexis which is relevant to our market is the inclusion of VoIP ports but this is a 'nice to have' as opposed to a required feature.

It strikes me that a much better solution would be to persuade Mikrotik to build a version of their hAP AC in a hardware form factor similar to the Genexis, ie with a built in 1000BASE-BX optic and arranged such that it can be clipped to a wall plate in the same way. The electronic design inside could be identical to the hAP AC of course, it would literally just be a case of changing the SFP slot to a fixed optic, designing a new case, and rearranging the PCB layout to accommodate.

I suspect there would be a good market for this. I know that all of the FTTP providers here in the UK that I have come across use the Genexis product 'because there is no real alternative'. This must be the case elsewhere in Europe.

What do you think, Mikrotik?


Re: Hardware suggestion

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:29 pm
by savage
+1 - and in -precisely- the same situation as you, considering the options of MT as a "to the masses" CPE...

Another good example to MT's lack of "adequate" fiber support, is the MANTBOXes for example. Simply no place what so ever to terminate / splice - never mind the actual protection of the fiber cable.

It's all nice and well to have SFP ports and what not, but it's not very practical if there's no options and space to protect the optics.

Re: Hardware suggestion

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:54 pm
by pcunite

Thank you for caring about such things. I hope you get your answer.