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loosing connection to network

Tue Oct 26, 2004 11:40 pm

hey all

problem is i can connect to the winbox remotely (outside network)
works for about 10 min. the drops connection. then the ip address i was
just using will not ping then if i can locate one of the 4 ip's in add to the MT router i can get back in.

i removed all rules and just left the 4 ip address on the router.

2 are on 64.x.x.2 and .3 gateway .1 subnet is
2 are on 67.x.x20 and .21 gateway 1 subnet is
if i remove the second gateway it works fine .it is only after the second
gateway is added that i have this problem.

ihave gateway=64.x.x.1,67.x.x.1

i have even tried to set a preffered ip doesnt seem to make a diff.

it seems to change ip address every 10-15 min and then the old address doesnt work what am i doing wrong . and yes i have read to manual 2(times) i do understand more now but still trying to learn . i can get every thing to work with only on gateway . i am thinking out just using 2 mt routers into the same network , but i dont know if i would run into any other problems with that ???

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Thu Oct 28, 2004 7:22 pm

yeah, multiple gateways can do that, and not just on MTs. You might try setting the distance on one route. But I guess the bigger question is, why are you using 2 default gateways? Should either gateway have a path back to where you are connecting from.

If you connect from the same IP (or subnet) all the time, you might throw a route in for that particular destination, or perhaps consider running some type of routing protocol internally to eliminate the need for 2 DGs?
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Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:04 am

thanks for the info but i got a really dumb a??? . yes i can but just 1 default gateway but how do i then allow the other ip address to go out. if that makes sense/.?

ie i have 2 isp connections

isp1 64.x.x.3(router ip)/ gateway is .2
isp2 67.x.x.2(router ip)/ gateway is .126

now i have the default gateway set to the .126 network works fine

but if i have lets say a 64.x.x.4 added to the MT for a server behind my
MT it doesnt seem to work .



ps the only way i can get it to work is by adding the 2nd gateway
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loosing connection to network

Sat Oct 30, 2004 6:11 pm

We have this happening on a couple of our MT routers. They will just randomly drop off for over a minute, then come back on like nothing happened.

Neither one has two routes. Both WERE NATing. Now I have RESET the routerboard and only put in a single IP address. The problem continues.

Here is the real kicker: This doesn't happen when behind our NATed gateway in our office....ever.

Kicker #2: If I ping out from the MT say 'ping x.x.x.x interval 100ms count 1000' then it will not drop off during this time.

I have sent supout and sniff files to during these events and they have found nothing wrong.

Have you tried disabling the other IPs and routes to see if it continues?


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