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Scripting, send particular log event to email in bulk

Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:06 am


can anybody help me with this think.

I have Mikrotik as DHCP server with UserMan as Radius server. I have enabled logging for evets like if somebody without authorized MAC is connected, MT will write event to log with "dhcp,error DHCP: radius authentication failed for xx:25:xx:98:21:xx: user <xx:25:xx:98:21:xx> not found" and i have also log rule for dhcp,error to be send to my email.

All is good all is working

Only this, when some unauthorised MAC is in network I will receive email every time it will try to get IP from DHCP, it coult be hundrets and thousands of emails till I find this machine in our network.

So my Q is: Is it possible to have scheduled script to check log for this event (maybe every 10 minutes) for dhcp,error and if there is such event get the mac and send it to email?

thank you in advance

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