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bridge firewall performance numbers?

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:41 am
by syadnom
I'm setting up a new rack with dual WAN. I need to get some performance metrics to select the right gear.
WAN1 300x20 w/29
WAN2 100x20 w/29

The setup will be a bit 'odd'. I'm going to create a WAN1-bridge with 3 ports and a WAN2-bridge with 3 ports. The reason for this is that I cannot get routed IP addresses from either provider, I have a few other devices that MUST have a public IP address (VPN concentrators) and I need to have the mikrotik handle traffic shaping. So, I'll enable the bridge firewall so I can use queues to manage the WAN utilization for the mikrotik and the other devices.

So, what performance metrics should I be looking at for this? The routing w/ 25 firewall rules numbers of the data sheets? or is it worse than that because I'll use both bridge and firewall?

just to clear any questions, 1:1 NAT won't work, I literally have to have a public IP assigned to the WAN IP of the VPN devices. I cannot get a routed subnet, just the /29, and I can't just plug into the WAN modem's switch because I need to control the bandwidth because I have latency sensitive applications.