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mangle "connection-bytes" usage

Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:05 pm


i want to use connection bytes to mark on the mangle the first 100MB of data downloaded of a connection, next I want to mark the remaining bytes.
I use first the mark-connection, next the mark-packet.
Should I use the "connection-bytes" on the "mark connection" of on the mark packet?

What is the right choice 1 or 2 (so, should I use the connection-bytes attribute on the "mark-connection" or on the "mark-packet" )?

/add action=mark-connection chain=forward connection-bytes=0-100M new-connection-mark=first_100 passthrough=yes protocol=tcp src-port=80
/add action=mark-connection chain=forward connection-bytes=100M-0 new-connection-mark=over_100 passthrough=yes protocol=tcp src-port=80

/add action=mark-packet chain=forward connection-mark=first_100 new-packet-mark=f100
/add action=mark-packet chain=forward connection-mark=over_100 new-packet-mark=o100

/add action=mark-connection chain=forward new-connection-mark=http passthrough=yes protocol=tcp src-port=80

/add action=mark-packet chain=forward connection-mark=http connection-bytes=0-100M new-packet-mark=f100
/add action=mark-packet chain=forward connection-mark=http connection-bytes=100M-0 new-packet-mark=o100

.... last question. I need to use a connection-state= new ?
thanks !!!

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