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How debug "eth0 no link"?

Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:32 am

Hi to all, I'm having troubles on eth0 interface.
RB433AH (ROs 6.19) often says "no link", always for 7 seconds, then "link ok".

My topology is:
- RB433AH A (ROs 6.19) -> POE -> switch1 -> Router2 -> My PC
- RB433AH B (ROs 6.19) -> POE -> switch1 -> Router2 -> My PC
For checking I also used netwatch to other RB (RB A pinging RB B, RB B pinging RB A), both RB pinging router and also my PC.
Link is down randomly (sometimes I can't ping other RB, sometimes I can't ping only router, sometimes I can't ping PC, sometimes several devices not pinging at same time), but all links down last always 7 seconds.
I already changed POEs, I already changed switch.
Power is ok (I haven't power failures on log).
I enabled debug messages on log, but I have no messages about routing or interfaces.
When eth0 not working I can see leds switched off on my switch ports.
Any idea about debugging?

I supposed I can try using a MAC ping (my configuration is eth0 and wlan1 as ports of same bridge, so MAC address associed to bridge could be eth0 MAC or wlan1 MAC) so I can't get fixed MAC address to ping.
How can I solve this?

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