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what would be the best solution? routing or marking?

Thu Mar 01, 2018 4:02 pm

Hello community, today I am writing to request your collaboration.

I have a network with 3 subnets: I exemplify below
IP PUBLIC Service -
  1a Server: 12,116,188.41

Network B -
  1b router: MIKROTIK RB2011
  Computer 2b:

Network C -
  router 1c: Mikrotik RB1100

Network D -
  1d router: MIKROTIK RB2011
  2d router: CISCO 8000

And I need the computer 2b to be able to connect to a server 1a with private ip by means of a vpn that is established in the subnet in the router 2d.
My question is how I could do to carry out what I need.
I thought I would use package marking, connection marking. But I can not make it work. They could guide me a little more or tell me the best method to do what I need.

  Thank you very much community !.

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