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simple queues w/ bridge on wan and bridge firewall issue

Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:10 am

This is a complicated need.

CCR sits with 2 WAN links. WAN1 has a /29 , WAN2 has a /29 (different subnets)

Customer behind the CCR *requires* a public IP address but I have no access to routed IPs.

So, bridge-wan1(WAN1, CUSTPORT1) and turn on bridge firewall so I can use queues.

Problem is that I cannot use the bridge-wan1 interface for the target for the queue. It doesn't work. Downloads don't register, uploads do. If I try to select the WAN1 interface, Downloads to the client are 'uploads' in the queue, and uploads from the client don't show up in the queue. I can't just target the LAN IP addresses because there are 2 WAN interfaces and I need a queue on each.

Then to make matters worse, I'm using the simple queue max limit and limit so I can offer multiple customers on site up to the full speed yet commit them a specific fraction. ie, max limit 300/20 limit at 100/3. which means I don't see a clean way to transition to a queue tree, not that it fixes the bridged WAN setup.


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