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Feature request: Netwatch watchdog?

Thu Mar 08, 2018 1:14 pm

Hi to all,
I was taking a look into forum but I haven't found solutions....

Watchdog is set for reboot if system is unresponsive for a minute (if enabled).
Watch address will check if address is unresponsive for a minute (10 seconds delay ping, up to 6 timeouts, so 1 minute again).
I can only set boot-delay to for watch address (default 5 minutes).

What about if I need bigger time for unresponsive address? (e.g. I don't need AP reboots due I'm working on IP address set on watch-address)
Searching on forum I've seen custom watch address system done by scripting using netwatch, but in my opinion scripting is not enough suitable if I already need to check IP addresses using netwatch, on about 50 RBs, so I think more flexible system watchdog would be more comfortable.
Are you planning to update watchdog, or MikroTik policy is "Use netwatch!"?
Regards, Michele.

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