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DHCP + Radius: Assigning DHCP vivso option from Radius

Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:00 pm

How can I send a Vendor Specific DHCP option (as assigned by a radius response) when using radius & DHCP?

I've tried the Freeradius option DHCP-Vendor-Specific-Information, but a packet capture just doesn't even show the DHCP response being sent.

If I set a relay to ISC DHCP, and then set something like this:
        # First 4: 
                # Enterprise "Cable Television Laboratories, Inc", or number 4491 Decimal, 11:8B hex 
                        # 00:00:11:8B 
        # Next 1: 
                # Total length of the option. This will change if you add a backup TFTP server. For one address, the total works out to 6 bytes, or 06 hex 
                        # 06 
        # Next 1: 
                # Sub option number. 2 = TFTP server address. 2 decimal = 02 hex 
                        # 02 
        # Next 1: 
                # Length of all addresses. IPv4 addresses are 4 bytes (IPv6 16 bytes), so for one IPv4, it is 4 = 04 hex 
                        # 04 
        # Next 4: 
                # TFTP server addresses. = 0a:05:01:05 hex 
                        # 0a:05:01:05 
        option vivso 00:00:11:8b:06:02:04:0a:05:01:05; 
then the response is sent and everything works as it should.

What does the FreeRadius server need to send to the Mikrotik to get it to send this option? Or is there something that makes in so that the Mikrotik doesn't even send the request to FreeRadius if the Vivso option is requested by the client?

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