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Looking for Free Wi-Fi Client Monitoring Software

Sun Mar 18, 2018 7:22 pm

Hey everyone,

I have a couple dozen stations connected against three hAP ac units. I have all three units logging to a syslog server, which is handy for correlating events when troubleshooting.

But sometimes I would just like to visually see which Wi-Fi stations are connected to which AP. Or even just a table list. And being able to assign an alias name to the MACs would be very helpful.

Does anyone know of any free software (preferably that would run on FreeBSD or Linux for the server component, and web UI for the client component) that would meet those needs?

  • Looking for a free monitor software
  • FreeBSD or Linux server daemon
  • Web UI client
  • SNMP polling for RouterOS compatibility
  • Show graphical or tabular view of stations connected to each AP
  • Wishlist: allow alias for the MAC addresses of the stations

I think The Dude can do most of this, but that won't run on hAP ac, and my current setup only has a FreeBSD server running, which won't run RouterOS in a VM (yet).

Worst case, I might buy a HEX that can run The Dude server. But I don't have a Windows computer to run The Dude client, and only one easily available computer running Linux with wine, so ideally there is something free that can do what I need without having to run The Dude.

One hAP ac is being used as my core router, and it will max 100% cpu when doing about 170-180 Mbps aggregate throughput (ingress + egress) on the WAN interface with my set of QoS rules, so upgrading to a faster router, that can run The Dude server, would be possible if nothing else.

Update: well, despite the HEX having 2/4 cores/threads and a faster clockspeed, it doesn't perform significantly better in QoS performance than the hAP ac. Offloading the wireless capability from the core router would save perhaps 20-30% cpu time, but I think that's still cutting it too close to choose the HEX if I had to run a Routerboard for The Dude. I guess I'll be looking at the RB3011 instead, which is really overkill for my application.
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Re: Looking for Free Wi-Fi Client Monitoring Software

Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:38 pm

Why not new hAP ac² ? it have better CPU then Hex even, and support Dude Server? On 200mbps traffic CPU usage is only 12-14%. Its based on new ARM architecture and its more powerfull then ever.
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Re: Looking for Free Wi-Fi Client Monitoring Software

Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:49 pm

Good point. I was put off by that product due to only having 27 dBm EIRP, but I don't actually need the wireless functionality. The testing data shows it is significantly faster processing QoS than the hEX.

They're cheap. I guess I'll just buy one and see how it works out.

I really, really wish MikroTik would support bhyve hypervisor on FreeBSD. That would save me from having to deploy another hardware device. :-/

Edit: oh, and of course I can't actually buy the hAP ac2 in the US yet, *sigh*. But at least I can still buy from the usual place in Latvia.
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Re: Looking for Free Wi-Fi Client Monitoring Software

Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:23 pm

I've just been looking at using CHR on bhyve as I want to run a few tests that need more routers than I have lying around.

Was a bit surprised to see the Wiki say it will never be supported as it's paravirtualised, especially as it's not paravirtualised. Thought I'd give it a go as I've had quite a bit of experience while writing vm-bhyve and have got many Linux based guests working.

Didn't take me long to get it running. I used the raw image and grub loader with the commands below, although I'm not a Linux expert and these commands could probably do with tweaking -

linux /vmlinuz-64 crashkernel=16M
initrd /initrd.rgz

With vm-bhyve, I was able to use the following config and boot CHR without any trouble.

grub_run0="linux /vmlinuz-64 crashkernel=16M"
grub_run1="initrd /initrd.rgz"

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